The Notebook

December 16, 2020

These groups of words, sentences even paragraphs can be mentioned as a response for Putut Ea’s book. Giving the response based on every single highlight, then pouring, stiring, mixing them with serving past or current experiences.

Although reading this book no more than thirty minutes, I am not sure to rewrite by mixing my own will take the same time. Therefore, enjoying this kind of writing trip will maintain the author to keep write and force her to be a great reader. Reader in every situation of her life.

The honor reader, you won’t find the title in every single story because I’ll write it in #1, #2, … you don’t expect too much toward these stories will serve in series or number of pages. In other words, I’ll invite you to establish your silent-dialogue capabilities with these meaningful notions. So, how will you respond it? Just write your own!

With love,


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